Executive Protection

It is not something most people wish
to think about, however corporate
executives, celebrities, dignitaries,
high-profile individuals and their families
are increasingly at risk of kidnapping,
criminal assault and other threats.
Executive Foresight protective personnel
are trained and experienced to minimize
these risks while maintaining a daily
routine; Professionalism and Discretion
is the cornerstone in everything we do.

As the founders of Executive Foresight
are all SWAT physicians and instructors
at The International School of Tactical
Medicine, our teams are selected from
the elite ranks of the military and law
enforcement and held to the highest
standards. They possess a wide range
of mental and physical skills developed
through real-world applications. By
emphasizing preparation over brute
force, our personnel implement proven
US Secret Service and corporate
protection best practices to identify
threats and reduce risk.

Some of the services provided by
Executive Protection include:

• Access Control and Crowd Control
• Ambush Recognition
• Command Post Operations
• Counter Surveillance
• Counter-Terrorist Driving
• Cover and Evacuate
• Emergency First Aid (CPR/AED)
• Evasive Driving
• Explosive Device Detection
• Firearms and Special Tactics
• Global Air Medical Extraction
• Investigations
• Motorcades and Routes
• Post Assignments
• Protective Advances
• Protective Formations
• Protective Intelligence
• Residential, Site and Event Surveys
• Safeguarding Privacy
• Surveillance Recognition
• Threat Management
For additional information
on the services offer by
Executive Protection call
760-346-GPMG (4764)