Your ER Alternative

Executive Urgent Care is a full-service flagship facility in Indian Wells
acting as the premium alternative to the traditional ER. What distinguishes
Executive Urgent Care is the unparalleled quality of service, without the
wait. Board-certified physicians provide exemplary medical care, treating
clients in a timely fashion, spending as much time as is necessary.

The Executive Urgent Care facility features an on-site laboratory, including
Static and Digital Motion X-ray, ultrasound, CAT scan, electrocardiography
and MRI scanning. Executive Urgent Care at Indian Wells has the same
capabilities as the finest emergency rooms in the world.

You are assured of expedient medical service options for a
wide range Aof illnesses and injuries:

    • Fractures, sprains, cuts and scrapes, rashes and minor injuries
    • Infections, including; ear, throat, sinus and urinary tract
    • Cold, flu and fever
    • Abdominal pain
    • Back pain and musculoskeletal pain
    • Head injuries
    • Electrocardiography and cardiac marker testing

Executive Urgent Care also is here for vaccinations, consults and physicals.
We maintain onsite laboratory capabilities such as influenza screening,
urinalysis, pregnancy testing and glucose monitoring. We offer full
service send-out laboratory studies.